Spring School in Tunisia on Belief Functions: Theory and Applications


BFAS Spring School on Belief Functions Theory and Applications

Carthage, Tunisia, May 20-24, 2013



The theory of belief functions represents a new approach devised to model and manage imprecise information in Artificial and Computational Intelligence. The theory of belief functions also referred to as evidence theory or Dempster-Shafer theory, was first introduced by Arthur P. Dempster in the context of statistical inference, and was later developed by Glenn Shafer as a general framework for modeling epistemic uncertainty. These early contributions have been the starting points of many important developments, including the Transferable Belief Model and the Theory of Hints. The theory of belief functions is now well established as a general framework for reasoning with uncertainty, and has well understood connections to other frameworks such as probability, possibility and imprecise probability theories. This theoretical framework has a broad field of application, including information fusion, pattern recognition, auditing, etc.

The second BFAS spring school will take place at IHEC in the historical and magnificent city of Carthage in Tunisia. The aim of this spring school is to promote this theory and to introduce interested students and researchers to the basics of belief functions, both theoretical and applied. The school is organized into several lectures given by international experts. They will bring both theoretical and practical backgrounds, in a friendly environment favoring interaction between participants. Part of the time will be devoted to practical work of real-world case studies.

– Boutheina Ben Yaghlane (Tunisia)
– Thierry Denoeux (France)
– Didier Dubois (France)
– Zied Elouedi (Tunisia)
– Sylvie Le Hégarat-Mascle (France)
– Weiru Liu (United Kingdom)
– Arnaud Martin (France)
– Hung Nguyen (USA and Thailand)
– Rajendra Srivastava (USA)

Boutheina Ben Yaghlane (Tunisia)
Khaled Mellouli (Tunisia)

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